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P28S-LED-Bulb 6NM Certified P28S LED Bulb Press Release Feb 2021  



Perko Light 6NM                         5NM prefocus P28S LED nav bulb

Press Release

For Immediate Release

18th Feb 2021

Dr. LED® Introduces its Certified 120/240V Six Nautical Mile (6NM) After-Market LED Replacement P28S Bulb for Perko Fixture Figure 1369 and Aqua Signal series 70 navigation lights.


The World’s First and Only Certified 6NM After-Market LED Replacement P28S Bulb for Perko, Aqua Signal, and other navigation lights from Dr. LED improves reliability for ship operations.  This 6NM P28S Dr. LED bulb is specified for use on the USCG and the US Navy ships.


Seattle, Washington, 18th February 2021 – Dr. LED today announced that its P28S White Polar Star LED Bulb (PN:9342004) an after-market replacement P28S LED bulb for the Perko series 1369 and Aqua Signal series 70 navigation lights has been certified by a U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) accredited independent laboratory as conforming with the navigation light regulations of USCG COLREG 1972 (International Maritime Organization, “IMO”) and the UL1104:1998 standards. 

This high-quality, long lasting P28S LED bulb eliminates having to frequently replace short service life incandescent bulbs.

Developed by Dr. LED at the request of the USCG to improve the reliability of their navigation lights that use P28S bulbs, and to decrease the often hazardous task of having to replace incandescent P28S bulbs while underway, this bulb has also been chosen by the US Navy for use in their P28S bulb navigation lights.

It is the only USCG certified after-market replacement P28S LED bulb currently available.

Dr. LED is committed to satisfying the lighting needs of the boating public, USCG, and US Navy.  We make high-quality and high price-performance products to fulfill every boater’s needs and enhance their boating safety and experience.


The P28S LED bulb can be purchased from Dr. LED’s resellers across the US and Canada or directly thru Dr. LED’s website (www.DoctorLED.com).



In addition to after-market navigation lights LED replacement bulbs for Aqua Signal Perko, Hella, and other major brands; Dr. LED also manufactures a series of LED light fixtures and LED replacement bulbs for interior lights for the marine market. 



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              6NM USCG Cert P28S


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