Bi-Color Polar Star 25

Bi-Color Polar Star 25
Bi-Color Polar Star 25 Bi-Color Polar Star 25
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Bi-Color (Red/Green) Polar Star 25 Festoon

2nm Visibility 15mm Bayonet Index Base After-Market

LED Replacement Bulbs for Navigation Lights.


Picture: Bicolor bulb for aqua signal series 25 bicolor
light with the lens cover removed for illustration.
Works on both pointed and dimpled fixtures.


This highly sophisticated LED replacement bulb allows you to conveniently replace the incandesent filament bulb that comes with the Aqua Signal Series 25 Bi-Color Bow Light - upgrading it to LED efficiency, sturdiness, and long life. The bulb has both red and green LEDs to perform the port and starboard functions of the bow light. 


The #8001122 bulb is made to fit dimpled festoon sockets, but comes with adapters so it can also be used with pointed festoon sockets. (Aqua Signal has used both in the Series 25 Bi-Color Bow Light.) 


With a power consumption of only about 1 Watt, these LED bulbs are the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat. 


• Replaces Aqua Signal #90200 bulb 

• 2 nautical mile visibility 

• Fits both dimpled and pointed festoon sockets 

• Internal circuitry provides for constant light output, regardless of voltage fluctuations - for no flickering and longer LED life 

• Long service life, shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break 


Note: White LED bulbs should not be used behind colored lenses in nav lights, as they will not produce the required brightness. Only the corresponding colored LEDs, such as in this assembly, should be used in nav lights with colored lenses.

  • For aqua signal Series 25 Bi-Color Bow Light
  • 2nm Visibility
  • Bi-Color (Red/Green) 
  • Low Power Draw, ~1W (Non-Polarized Connection)
  • Built-In Energy Management Circuit Since 2004
  • 2nm USCG ABYC A-16 Light Engines
  • Direct Bulb Replacements for Most Nav Lights
  • Long Service Life
  • Ultra-Rugged with No Filament to Burn Out or Break

The Bi-Color (Red/Green) Polar Star 25 is specially designed as an incandescent bulb replacement for aqua signal series 25 festoon navigation lights.  These bulbs are fabricated from the highest quality components to assure long life and trouble-free functioning.  Their patented internal circuitry provides consistent brightness and makes them immune to life-shortening voltage fluctuations.  Their incredibly low power draw (~1W) makes them the perfect way to reduce energy consumption.

Light Specfications
Color Red/Green
Electrical Specfications
Dimmable Works with BlueSea Systems dimmer
Mechanical Specfications
Connection Base S8.5, Festoon

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